About our bakery

Schmidt Bakery was started in 1963. Not only did we sell donuts, but we also sold pizzas. I think we sold more pizzas at that time than we did donuts.

In 1970 the Bakery moved to a new location downtown and sold the pizza part of the business. We were now a full line bakery with lots to offer. We made everything from wedding cakes, to breads, to all kinds of different pastries. We still do the same today. We’ve been in the same location since 1970 and are open 6 days every week! We have a regular crowd that comes in daily for donuts and coffee. We even deliver to local businesses. We currently employ around 15 people, and Bertie works almost every day on something for the bakery. If she’s not out front, she’s working with the accounting stuff. Clem is semi-retired now, only working 3 out of the 6 days now!

Clem has built this business from the ground up and now has a reputation of the BEST DONUTS IN TOWN! It’s even been said, that people travel from far away places to buy products from us.

We recently set up this website, and hope to continue our business with online advertising. We currently ship products all over the United States and continue to accomodate the strange requests we receive!

Not only do we still have breads, buns, cakes, pies, cookies, donuts, danish and the rest of the goods. We’ve broadened our product line to include Doggy treats too! The dog’s love them and the owner’s keep coming back for more.
So the next time you’re in the area, come and see us. You’ll be glad you did!