Cherry Thing-A-Lings total for 2020
(13,393 dozen)
Thank you so much to everyone that helped
and to our customers and new friends that joined us this year!
Don’t forget about our specialty January product,
King Cakes!

We are a full service bakery, we have it all!

Wedding cakes, decorated cakes, breads, buns, donuts, danish, pastries, pies.

Wholesale pizza dough and hoagie buns.

Our Specialty items:

  •  Salt Rising Bread
  • Whopper pecan rolls
  • Cherry Thing-A-Lings (President Day only)
  • Alligator Coffee Cakes
  • King Cakes (seasonal, for Mardi Gras)
  • Cinnamon Crumb coffee cakes
  • Old-fashioned coffee cakes
  • Sugar free items
  • Dog Biscuits

No preservatives added… a healthier option for your family.